As a struggling Resurfacing Franchisee in 2004, the industry standard dry times were very slow at 12 to 24-hours without heaters, and had a sole focus on bathtubs. Absolute Resurfacing changed all that.

We set out to dispel the sales jargon and misleading information associated with our growing industry. Resurfacing needed the creation of an industry group worthy of being called professionals. There was no manufacturer authorised training with quality materials.

We saw the need for –

  • Industry leading products
  • High quality, reliable equipment
  • Professional training
  • Expert technical support
  • An independent Resurfacing network




Partnered with NAPCO, Absolute Resurfacing has redefined the Resurfacing industry in Australia. Through innovation of process and products, we have expanded the scope of “normal” to include not just bathrooms, but all types of kitchen surfaces as well. We have developed a benchtop resurfacing system that rivals stone in appearance which is far more cost effective. Other product innovations include developing a process to include Resurfacing of laminex and timber in kitchens.

NAPCO is consistently working to improve and innovate with new products being released on a regular basis. NAPCO’s current range of products include the 320 Poly-Gloss Low VOC Coatings that exceed the strict Californian clean air regulations.

The 320 Poly-Glass range is our most popular product line in Australia, and is used on thousands of surfaces each year. Its super-fast 2-hour dry time is well beyond the 8-hour standard for our industry. Unlike pretenders who fashion their businesses around 2-pac, car and marine paint, the NAPCO products are recommended for residential use and still out-perform in the final finish.

NAPCO’s currently developing a product range that would see the dawn of a new era in our industry. We will keep you posted…

Resurfacing Australia

Another Absolute Resurfacing innovation was the creation of the independent network of Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacers, Resurfacing Australia. This world leading network of professional Resurfacers, established a new standard of professionalism in our industry. The Resurfacing Australia members focus is on customer service and using the well proven products and systems supplied by Absolute Resurfacing. The pride Resurfacing Australia members have in their workmanship achieves a much higher level of satisfaction for all of their customers.

Resurfacing Australia members are bound by the common goal of great results and customer service. This simple aim has brought about significant change to the Resurfacing industry in Australia. Members are not trapped in unfair contracts and fee structures that drive prices up, hurting customer and the industry. They are responsible for their work, and to the customer on an individual basis. This creates a personalised customer relationship between tradesman and client that is often lost in larger business structures. Members are further supported with technical assistance when needed, and national group marketing promoting these advantages.

It’s now after the expensive Renovation craze that people are discovering the benefits of resurfacing their existing bathrooms and kitchens. Resurfacing offers a reasonable price with exceptional results as we have regularly demonstrated on Selling Houses Australia on the Lifestyle Channel, and House Rules on Channel 7.

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