Poly-Glass 320 Satin Dulux Colour 1gal

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Napco Poly-Glass 320 Low VOC 2-Hour Cure SATIN Resin 1 u.s gallon = 3.8Lt.

Tinted to Dulux colour of choice.

**Please ensure customer has approved the tinted resin colour before application**

Please ensure the Dulux Colour is from current Dulux fan deck/chart, if it’s not a current colour we can’t make it !


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This is a tinted 2 part specially modified poly-urethane resin which is mixed in the ratio of 2:1:1 with Poly-Glass 320 Catalyst and Thinners.

Either 320 Fast Thinners (Blue Lable) or All Purpose Thinners (Red Lable) can be used.

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