NAPCO Poly-Glass 320 Benchtop Catalyst 1/2gal

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NAPCO Poly-Glass Benchtop Catalyst 1/2 gallon (1.9 L)

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This new catalyst is slightly harder than the standard NAPCO Poly-Glass 320 Universal Catalyst, making it less likely to scratch and stain.

It is mixed in the same ratio as the standard catalyst and applied the same.

As it is harder, it is also less flexible so is NOT recommended for any areas where movement is likely. This means areas such as urethane joints, acrylic bathtubs, timber, and other cabinet doors.

Please note this is only an additional option for your use on jobs you think may need better hardness and wear resistance.

Even though it is harder than 320 Catalyst, it is NOT damage proof! It can still be scratched, chip, stain etc like a new bench can be.

You should conduct your own testing to see for yourself how this new catalyst performs before using it on customers benchtops.

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