Ceramic Bath Mini Kit

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Mini Bath-Ceramic Kit.

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Mini Napco Silicone Digestor 250mL

$19.00 ex GST

Mini Napco Polyclean Tub n Tile 250mL

$7.50 ex GST

Mini Napco Etch Extra Strong 250mL

$15.00 ex GST

Mini Primer Poly-Bond Ceramic Wipe-on 250mL

NAPCO Poly-Bond Ceramic Surface Primer/Adhesion Promoter

$24.00 ex GST

Mini Primer HBR White 1/4gal

MINI NAPCO High Build Primer Resin is a special poly-urethane blend with a mixing ratio of 4:1 so 4-parts resin to 1-part catalyst.

Works with both 320 Catalyst and Universal Catalyst.

$59.00 ex GST

320 Poly-Glass Mega Fast Vivid White High Gloss Resin Mini 1/4g

$63.00 ex GST

320 Poly-Glass Catalyst Mini 1/4 gal

NAPCO Poly-Glass low VOC Catalyst for Poly-Glass and High Build Resin

$63.00 ex GST

320 Fast Thinners Mini 1/4gal

NAPCO Mini 320 Fast Low VOC Thinners

$12.00 ex GST
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This is a Bath start up kit that has all the essential resurfacing items needed.

The kit would be enough for 3-4 standard baths

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