NAPCO Inlay Bath and Shower

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There are tens of thousands of fibreglass tubs and showers with sagging bottoms due to shoddy installation. These are prone to cracking. When this happens water seeps under the fixture leading to rotting floors and possibly mold; a potentially serious health issue.

Customers really want this problem to go away. Savvy bath and shower Resurfacers can save the day and make a handsome profit with our custom inlays. See the spec sheet for installation instructions.

These inlays can be resurfaced themselves after you install them. This is good if the customer wants you to fix the crack, but match the current bathroom décor. Use NAPCO’s Poly-Glass coatings to get the job done.

You might need to shore up a sagging tub or shower bottom before you install the inlay.

Each NAPCO inlay kit contains: 

  • – Custom manufactured inlay
  • – Complete step-by-step installation instructions
  • – Applicator
  • – Disposable glove

See the links below for installation instructions:

Bath Instructions Link

Shower Tray Instructions Link

Spec Sheet

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