Napco Essential Waterbased Cabinet Sample-Test Kit

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Mini NEW Cabinet Sample-Test kit.

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Mini Napco Polyclean Tub n Tile 250mL

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Napco Essentials Prep Liquid Sandpaper

NAPCO's liquid sand paper for surfaces needing a light sanding effect prior to coating. Just use after cleaning and you're good to go.

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NAPCO Kitchen Essential Water-Based Cabinet Satin White Coating 2Lt

NAPCO’s Kitchen Essential Water-Based Cabinet Coating is a durable, all-in-one waterborne system that beautifies and transforms your cabinets and other interior wooden surfaces. From dull and dingy surfaces into something superb that breathes new life into living spaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing. With excellent flow and levelling, great adhesion and durability, KEW Kitchen Cabinet Coating meets KCMA’s stringent performance specifications.

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This is a NAPCO WaterBased Cabinet Sample/Test kit that has all the essential resurfacing items needed.


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