Professional Resurfacing Essential Equipment Starter Pack

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This is the full range of Essential Resurfacing Equipment needed.

The quantities can be adjusted as required. If you already have any items you can make those adjustment in the cart prior to payment.

The Essential Safety and Protection materials can be found here.


Product Quantity

Air Hog Fan

$225.00 ex GST each

Air Hog Ducting 5m

$89.00 ex GST each

HVLP 22pce Spray Gun Clean Kit

$37.00 ex GST each

Badger Air Brush Kit

$85.00 ex GST each

In stock

Badger Propellant Can 7 oz

$24.95 ex GST each

In stock

Flexible Filling Blades set of 4

$5.50 ex GST each


$125.00 ex GST each

In stock

Farecla G Mop Advanced Compound Head 150mm

$47.50 ex GST each

G3 Farecla Liquid Compound 1L

$90.00 ex GST each

Run Razor

$24.95 ex GST each

Fuji 2098 T70 Cup Parts Kit 2020 sqr nipple

$59.50 ex GST each

Wagner FC9900 Turbine only

$2,596.00 ex GST each

In stock

HVPL Heavy Duty Turbine Hose

$278.00 ex GST each

Fuji Whip Hose 2mtr

$82.00 ex GST each

Fuji T70 Bottom Feed Gun 2020 Design Update

Updated 1QT Pressurized Siphon Cup Assembly – Square 90° Nipple

$595.00 ex GST each
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Our professional resurfacing Essential Equipment starter pack includes the basic specialist equipment to get your business off the ground.


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