Keeping Safe

We have now added the updated Australian Compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) section to the webshop for all materials and coatings.

Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with this section as in an emergency this information can be crucial.

The SDS’s have several sections:

    1. Identification of material and supplier.
    2. Hazard Identification, this is important for understanding the type of risk the material represents. This is also where the symbols or pictograms are. See the summary below.
    3. Composition/Ingredients
    4. First Aid Measures. In the event of an exposure/contact this is where you need to look for treatment.
    5. Fire Fighting Measures.
    6. Accidental Release. If a spill occurs
    7. Handling and storage. Instructions for safe handling and storage.
    8. Exposure Controls. PPE etc.
    9. Physical and Chemical Properties. What it looks and smells like (even though you shouldn’t sniff it)
    10. Stability and Reactivity.

If you need any help understanding the SDS’s please contact me.